Product Description

Leica LINO Series Red Line Laser

  • 3x360° red line laser with Li-Ion batteries and magnetic adapter in a robust case
  • Horizontal and two vertical 360° red laser lines
  • High visibility due to red Ultra-power laser diodes
  • Self-levelling over wide range

The Leica Lino L6R is a self-leveling red multi line laser with 360° laser line projection for multi-directional alignment-perfect for indoor applications. The laser’s vertical lines are easily adjusted (± 10°) once the plumb point is set.

3x360° Highly Visible Red Laser Lines

Three 360° thin, crisp and clearly visible red laser lines, two vertical, and one horizontal, which are exactly at the right angle (90°) to one another.

Easy Positioning

The precision adjustment handles, and the laser’s eccentric base allow the laser lines to rotate by ± 10° around the plumb point while the line-laser keeps its position; allowing for quick and precise setup for any alignment, plumbing, levelling or squaring tasks.

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