Product Description

Ideal for all construction and surveying applications, the LaserLine Direct Reading Laser Grade Rod is a lightweight and versatile tool that allows setting and measuring of actual elevation—no computation required. It features high-strength, clear anodized aluminum front and rear rods that will not rust, split, swell, or warp ensuring long-lasting performance. Its moveable tape comes with a heavy-duty, matte-textured face that resists wearing or fading and permits easy visibility even under bright sunlight. Laser grade rods have a special rail slide which allows the laser detector to travel on the full working length of the rod. This results in faster and easier readings.

This LaserLine direct reading grade surveying rod guarantees smooth and hassle-free operation with its solid tape lock and internal brake slide. Its tape lock grommets made of brass are oversized to prevent the tape from tearing. The tape lock pin is safe and will not puncture or rip the tape when pushed against it. With its tough DuPont nylon parts, it is highly durable to endure heavy use at job sites. For maximum functionality and versatility, it is available with different graduations and color-coded cut and fill markings.

The LaserLine Direct Reading Laser Grade Rod is specifically designed for use with laser detectors. It is equipped with a special rail for laser detector that lets it slide through the full working length of the rod offering faster and easier readings. This black, UV-stabilized detector rail withstands long exposure to UV rays without becoming brittle. This rod is available in two lengths—ten feet and 15 feet—and includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For convenient storage and transport, it collapses up to six feet or eight feet.

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