Bosch 19-202SC MagnaTrak 202 Series Magnetic Locator


The Magna-Trak 200 series locators offer all the features you could possibly need in a magnetic locator. Egronomically desgined for complete one hand operation so you other hand is free to use other equipment. The Magna-Trak 200 series locators are lightweight with an ergonomic handle with textured grip. Magna-Trak locators fewaure a water resistant impact plastic case that is epoxy sealed. The Speaker emis a deep ton under search conditions and a signal peak over ferrous objects. All 200 Series locators feature an LCD display for visual display of signal strength when locating ferrous objects.


  • 100 hours of operation with alkaline batteries (6-AA)
  • Find Ferrous objects from 6 inches to 15 feet below ground dependent on object size.
  • Ability to sense non-terminated power lines.  Maximum Operating Temperature (F): 120. Min. Operating Temperature (F): 0. Nominal Sensor Length: 20 inches
  • Features CST Signal Erase Function
  • Includes Soft Carrying Case


Technical Details