GNSS Pole and Tripod Bags

Designed to keep your GNSS tripods and rods safe and secure

8154-12-ORG—Heavy-Duty GNSS Tripod Bag

  • This bag features heavy-duty Cordura® and reinforced Rhinotek material.
  • Shoulder strap is included.
  • Use with Heavy-Duty GNSS Antenna Tripods (5119-10).
  • Measures:  8 inches ID x 56 inches (20.32 x 142.24 cm).
  • Weighs 1.80 lbs (0.82kg).

8154-10-ORG—Radio Antenna Tripod Carrying Case

  • Replacement carrying case for Radio Antenna Tripod.
  • Case comes included when you purchased the Radio Antenna Tripod (5300-11 & 5300-12).
  • Outside Dimensions:  8 inches x 54 inches.

8154-00-ORG—Collapsible GNSS Antenna Tripod Bag

  • Use with our Collapsible GNSS Antenna Tripod (5119-00) or other conventional tripods.
  • Designed to carry the tripod without the point on the center pole to prevent damage to the pole.
  • Features a full length heavy-duty zipper.
  • Weighs 1.70 lbs (0.77kg).
  • Inside Dimensions:  7” x 50”

8153-10-ORG—Extra-Large Antenna Tripod Bag

  • Features a full-length zipper and shoulder strap.
  • Measures:  82 x 9 OD inches (208.28 x 22.86 OD cm).
  • Weighs1 88lb (0 85kg)

8162-00-ORG—GPS Rover Rod Carrying Case

  • Designed to protect the rods during transportation or storage.
  • 55 ID x 41 inches long with a 10” flap.
  • Weighs 0.45 lbs (0.20kg).

8151-02-FLY—Heavy-Duty Snap-Lock 2-Meter Pole System Bag

  • This bag holds a 2 meter Snap-Lock pole and bipod or tripod (connected).
  • Constructed of tough Cordura material and Rhinotek ends.
  • Measures 56 inches long (1.42m).
  • Weighs 1.50 lbs (0.68kg).


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