MapStar TruAngle - (Angle Encoder)


How the MapStar TruAngle Measures Up:

  • Offers a low price point without compromising needed functionality
  • Operates easily with a simple 2 button interface to decrease field time and aggravation
  • Provides industry leading angular accuracy to ensure quality maps every time
  • Includes a mechanical bubble so you can set up quickly and obtain the best accuracy
  • Integrates seamlessly with all LTI laser rangefinders

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MapStar TruAngle Overview

The MapStar TruAngle, like its predecessor – the MapStar Angle Encoder (MSAE), precisely calculates a turned horizontal angle that can be referenced to any desired point or direction. When integrated with an LTI laser, you can capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling. With a smaller and lighter weight design, a more simplistic user interface and a price point that’s nearly half of the MSAE, the TruAngle angle encoder is an attractive alternative mapping accessory.

When mounted on a tripod, the TruAngle angle encoder is capable of producing +/- 0.05 degrees in angular accuracy. There is a built-in mechanical bubble to assist with leveling it correctly and a friction lock mechanism that helps you take more precise measurements. All the angular values can be clearly seen, day or night, with the easy to read numbers and backlit LCD.

Since the user interface has been simplified, anyone can take the lead in capturing accurate field data. It’s as simple as leveling the device, aiming towards a point or direction and setting the initial angle value to zero. All the data collected thereafter is simply referenced from that initial predetermined direction. The laser data goes through the TruAngle angle encoder and then automatically outputs your 3D coordinates directly into a data collector. The serial output format is compatible with most GIS field data collection software and GPS/GNNS products.

This system is a great alternative to using a total station because you won’t need to invest a lot of time with extensive training or make a huge upfront financial investment. Our modular design also allows you to use the laser standalone so you can become more mobile when taking just distance and height measurements.

If you need to map within urban environments or nearby heavy equipment or buildings, the TruAngle angle encoder is the perfect tool because it is unaffected by local magnetic interference. You never have to worry about your angular accuracy being compromised in these areas. Get the basic angular values you need at the price point that will pay for itself in time savings alone.