Rover Rods and Prism Pole Tripod Cases

Designed to keep your Rover rod, Robotics pole, and Prism pole tripods safe and clean

8162-20-BLK—GNSS Rover Rod Hard Shell Case

  • Store your two-piece rover rod in this hard shell case and know it’s protected.
  • Measures 4 ID x 41 inch (10.16 ID x 104.14 cm).
  • Weighs 3.20 lbs (1.40kg).

8157-01-ORG—Long Padded System Bag

  • External and internal side pockets hold extra gear.
  • Measurements:  6 inches OD x 58 inches (15.25 OD x 147.32cm).
  • Weighs 2.70 lbs (1.23kg).

8160-00-ORG—Prism or Range Pole Protective Bag

  • Protect your prism or range pole from dirt and moisture.
  • Measures:  61.5 x 6 inches (156.21 x 15.24 cm).
  • Weighs 0.68 lbs (0.31kg).

8180-20-ORG—Heavy-Duty Prism Pole Tripod Bag

  • Designed to carry a prism pole with tripod attached.
  • Has a fold-over flap and shoulder strap.
  • Made from nylon Cordura and durable Rhinotek.
  • Measures: 7.5 ID x 60 inches (19.1 ID x 152cm).
  • Weighs 1.55 lbs (0.70kg).

8160-20-BLK—Prism Pole Hard Shell Case

  • The heavy-duty material-covered tube holds one or two section poles or rods.
  • Measures:  65 inches (1.63m) in length.
  • Use to protect and carry your pole or rod.
  • Weighs 5.5 lbs (2.50 kg).