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Topcon LS-B10W Machine Control Receiver - 312660111

Topcon LS-B10W Machine Control Laser Receiver OVERVIEW
The LS-B10 laser receiver delivers a versatile, low cost indicate solution for grade checking and machine control grade applications. Although similar to the LS-B3, it is much smaller and weighs 66% less…the lightest weight in its class! With its integrated magnetic mount, the LS-B10 can be easily installed on a vast array of machines. And with its small, lightweight design, the LS-B10 with Holder-6 is excellent for manual grade checking as well!
TOPCON LS-B10W Machine Control Receiver FEATURES
  • Machine control and grade checking capability
  • Built-In wireless capability
  • Integrated CAN support is compatible with indicate and automatic machine control systems
  • Lightest weight in its class…about 1 pound!
  • Coarse to fine grade for machine control
  • 11 LCD grade channels with 5 gradual triangles for out of grade indication
  • 270° detection range
  • Red and green Bright LED indicators lights
  • Magnetic use Anywhere
  • Rugged and water resistant, IP66 Rating
  • Battery Life: up-to 100 hours
TOPCON LS-B10W Machine Control Receiver (312660111) INCLUDES
  • Topcon LS-B10W Machine Control Laser Receiver
  • Built-in Wireless Capability for use with option In-Cab Display RD-10W
  • 3 each AA Alkaline Batteries
  • User Manual
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

The Topcon LS-B10W Machine Mounted Laser Receiver provides the best yet an affordable system that is designed to improve project accuracy and reliability. This laser receiver is great for site work, trench and pipe alignment, trench excavation, quality control, vertical alignment, leveling footings and forms, and the like. Also, it comes with a 270-degree laser detection angle which is great for ground level and sloped terrain.

The LS-B10W laser receiver provides cost-effective solutions for grade-control on small machines like backhoes, mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, and other compact equipment. It features a fast and easy set-up with magnetic mount. Plus, it includes an integrated CAN support that is compatible with automatic machine control systems.

This Topcon laser receiver features LED indicators that include five grade, two lost beams, one low battery and one level alert. Using three AA alkaline batteries, it can run up to 100 hours. The LS-B10W has a rugged and waterproof design which can withstand harsh environmental conditions. In addition, it is lightweight at close to 1-pound.


TOPCON 312660101 LS-B10 (Non-Wireless)
TOPCON 312660111 LS-B10W (Wireless with CAN Support)
TOPCON 312661111 RD-10W (Remote Display for use with LS-B10W)
LS-B10W PRO Kit (Includes both LS-B10W and RD100W Remote In-Cab Display)

TOPCON LS-B10 Machine Control Receiver SPECIFICATIONS
 Model Number LS-B10 LS-B10W
Vertical Detecting Range 4.72 inch
4.72 inch
Horizontal Detecting Range 270° 270°
Precision Accuracy Settings
Mode 1
Mode 2
Mode 3
Mode 4

Grade LED Patterns 5 grade, 2 lost beam, 1 low battery, 1 level alert
LED Grade Indicators Red (▲) Green (▬) Red (▼)
LCD Grade Indicators 5 channels
on-grade + 10 gradual triangles (±5)
Wireless Capable NO YES
Ports N/A CAN
Wireless Communication
Operating Time 100 hours
20 hours
Weight 1.10 lbs
Size with magnet (inches) 4.53 x 1.53 x 7.09
Part Number
312660101 312660111


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