Product Description

Magna-Trak MT101 Offers

Effortlessly locate ferrous objects with this flux-gate type of magnetometer. Additionally, this magnetic locator features an advanced state of technology and implements "peak response" over ferromagnetic objects by yielding an increasing audio signal as the item comes closer or passed over.


  • Rugged high-impact plastic enclosure with aluminum sensor pole
  • Powerful magnetic speaker with waterproof Mylar cone
  • Lightweight, comfortably balanced for easy handling
  • Quick-access battery compartment
  • Adjustable sensitivity dial and volume with power ON/OFF dial
  • Deep tone audio under search conditions; signals "peak" over magnetic objects
  • Full depth capability
  • Waterproof locator tube and water-resistant housing
  • Find PK nails, iron pipes, valve covers, masonry nails, manhole covers, cast iron water and gas lines, surveyors markers, and more


  • Construction
  • Surveying

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Total price $7,672.00

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