Product Description

Square Legs, Quick Clamp, Flat Head Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tripod - Orange
5301-31-ORG (Replaces 5401-30-ORG)

Introducing New-and-Improved Crain Branded 5301-31-ORG Heavy-Weight Tripod

  • These tripods come equipped with square outer dowels for a more secure lock
  • Featuring the Quick Clamp lock type, a Triangle/Flat head and Aluminum (Square) legs
  • These tripods are equipped with a 5/8 x 11 threaded adapter for convenient mounting of instruments
  • Extends 67 in (1.70 m)
  • Orange Hardware
  • Weighs 9.48 lb (4.30 kg)

Aluminum Tripod Models

Also with Black Hardware 5301-31-BLK click here

This heavy-duty aluminum tripod is ideal for mounting theodolites, lasers, auto levels, or total stations.


  • In an effort to improve quality, SECO has partnered with a new factory and made additional tooling investments
  • Four new die cast molds manufactured for the economy tripod (5301-25-BLK)
  • New lever molds created for all tripods made from super tough nylon, which is extremely durable and will not break, even in the harshest environments
  • Die cast material is virgin ADC12, which is less porous than mixed materials and will reduce part failure
  • Attention to detail assures an excellent working product - right out of the box

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