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Unit, scale, sub and count

Unit - Select the measurement units you use: decimal feet, feet-inches, decimal inches, yards, millimeters, meters, kilometers - including square and cubic formats.

Scale - 72 built-in scales (39 U.S. and 33 metric for maximum versatility). It also features six custom scales (three each for U.S. and metric units), enabling you to define any scale, even for out-of-scale plans.

Count - Built-in Counter lets you manually or automatically count items — studs, piers, outlets, etc.

Sub - Subtract feature lets you subtract if you roll too far. Also lets you remove items (e.g., studs, outlets, etc.) added through the counting feature. Great for take-offs.

Other features

Precision wheel allows rolling in either direction and with either hand. Pointer shows you the exact start point and stop point.

It has two built-in memories; dedicated length, width, and height keys; push-button counter to keep track of items while rolling; switch for locking in mode, scale, and units while rolling; and a subtract key that allows you to deduct rolled distances. The Scale Master Pro will save you time and reduce errors on your estimates and bids.

Get instant linear, rectangular area and volume take-offs; use it like a pen - just roll and measure. Plus you can convert between scales and dimensions.

Everything you need

The Scale Master Pro comes with everything you need to get to work right out of the box. There is a protective case, user's guide, and two batteries (CR2032 Lithium batteries)

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