Product Description

Pro Reel with 500' Braided Flo. Pink

Stringliner Pro masons line reel has a patented handle that spins freely to dispense and rewind the line easily without tangling.

Pro Reel with 500' Braided Flo. PinkStringliner Pro reel with 500 Ft. #18 nylon braided twine in bright fluorescent pink. The line reel handle is made of durable polyethylene. The patented reel allows you to reload rolls of line easily. Loose line end secures in a convenient notch on the handle. Twine can be rewound with the hand crank, or by using a power screwdriver inserted in the slot in the end of the handle. The Stringliner Pro reel is very easy to use.

Features and Benefits

Durable polyethylene reel; Bright and strong #18 nylon braided fluorescent pink twine; Can be rewound using a power screwdriver in the slot in the bottom of the handle; Reel can hold most 1 in. diameter core rolls of mason line


3.31" w x 10.25" h x 2.625" d x 1" core


0.75 each


yellow handle / flo. pink twine

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