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  • The E7100i is the equivalent US model and D110 can be converted to m, ft, and inch by holding the second button from the top for 2 sec. This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output
  • 1/16" ACCURACY up to 200-FEET MEASURING RANGE. That's right, a sixteenth of an inch. Take out a pair of earbuds. Look at how wide the 1/8" jack is. Now divide that by half.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 for transferring measurements into desired software. Send measurements directly from the laser measure to your apps using the Leica DISTO Bluetooth Smart (4.0) wireless data transfer.
  • IP54 CERTIFIED - DUST & SPLASH PROTECTED. Per set of AAA Batteries, capture up to 5,000 measurements.
  • MIN/MAX FUNCTION. In Min/Max mode, you "sweep" the laser point into a corner. The longest measurement is recorded. Very useful for accurate diagonal room or window/door measurements. AREA/VOLUME FUNCTION. In Area Mode, this laser distance measure determines the area of a rectangle or square in two shots. Volume Mode adds a third vertical shot to calculate volume.

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